For unknown reasons the guys from my work place limited the access to, and a hole lot of bunch of websites using a very powerful firewall (fortinet).

Well this is OK if you like to work 24/7. Also it helps the company from having its computers infected with malware, spyware, viruses and etc.

I do not encourage you to do this at work as you can get you’re ass fired. This tutorial is only for educational purpose only.

Yes, you can use shitty browser proxy like <- anyone commenting this will have its entire IP class banned.

Now that we got things cleared let me show you how to do it.

Download MyEnTunnel

Install it.

Go to TorVPN and create an account. Read your email and activate your account.
Login. Click SSH Access and then Click here to get a free SSH account (for 1 month)
Good. Now you have ssh access to

Run MyEnTunnel
At ssh server enter
At ssh port enter 22
enter your username and password from at username and password
Mark Enable Dynamic SOCKS and enter as port 10000
Click on the Tunnels tab
Enter 10000 at Local
Click connect
Click the status tab, if everything is ok it should have [21:00:50 03/18] Connection is stable

Download Palemoon
Install it.
Open it. (its a idiot proof tutorial)
type about:config in the address bar and find network.proxy.socks_remote_dns; modify its value to true
Open Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings and Check the “Manual proxy configuration” radio button .
At SOCKS Host enter localhost and Port 10000. Leave the rest blank (do not check Use this proxy for all protocols).
Hit ok, ok.

Restart Palemoon. enjoy.

Yes, you can use Firefox (I use Firefox for normal work traffic, we don’t wanna raise any suspicion on our all of the sudden low traffic)

Yes you can connect to yahoo messenger as well just download Pidgin install it, open it, hit ctrl+p, click proxy.
Select proxy type: Socks5, address localhost, port 10000. Add your Yahoo, MSN, etc account. connect.

If you don’t want the guys that operate the network to see the DNS request then add first the DNS servers from Google ( and then the company DNS. link

If port 22 is blocked by your company’s firewall buy a vps and run openssh-server on port 443 (default port for https)

If you don’t have access to install applications on your work PC then download the portable versions of those programs to a USB drive.

Thats all! Enjoy!