This bot creates profiles at phpBB based forums ONLY. It successfully creates profiles at about 50% of the phpBB forums you provide as input URLs. It is really slow (it creates about 2 profiles per minute), so this bot is ideally run at a time when you’ll be sleeping or on a PC you won’t be using (or a PC you don’t mind having a program open and running on for hours on end).

You can add as many forums as you want to the provided list, they just have to be phpBB forums.

How to use:

Download the provided .rar file. Create a folder in “My Documents” named “phpBB forum profile creator” and unzip the contents of the .rar file to it.

You’ll then see two files in that folder. The .exe file & a folder named “program files”. Open program files & then view each of the .txt files contained in it and edit them (it’s self explanatory). The only file you don’t need to edit is “List of Forums.txt” (although you can add as many forums to this file as you want…they just must be phpbb forums).

After you’ve done this, open up the .exe file and up at the top, select the appropriate files that you’ve just edited in each of the boxes.

IMPORTANT!!! This bot supports automated captcha solving. At the top of the bot, there is a “settings” option. Click it, and you’ll have the option to add credentials. If you enter your credentials, it will solve captchas for you automatically. If you don’t, you’ll have to solve them manually (not recommended).

If you don’t have proxies, don’t select a file in the proxies box and it will run without them.

Only put one email in the emails to register with .txt file. Make sure it’s a real email address as you’ll have to confirm the emails you’re sent by the forums. You have to do this manually (sorry).

You can put as many forum signatures as you want (line seperated) and as many website urls as you want (line seperated) in the appropriate .txt files.

PS: Some ubot bots get detected as viruses but they are clean, you can check it yourself

via benny_loppa@RST