Monthly Archive: May 2011

Cookiejacking – stealing cookies with iframe

Google! DONT BE EVIL! Original Presentations: here found an upload by mistake Read more: Original article: Q: What is Cookiejacking? A: Cookiejacking is a UI redressing attack that allows an attacker to hijack...


XSSer Cross Site Scripter Download

Cross Site “Scripter” (aka XSSer) is an automatic -framework- to: ● Detect XSS flaws in web-based aplications. ● Exploit -local/remote- code “on wild”. ● Report founded vulnerabilities in real time to community. ● XSS...


Impassioned Framework Download

Impassioned Framework Download Russo is the creator of Impassioned Framework – Browser Exploitation Kit, a subscription-based software vulnerability exploit service. He is 23 year old the young hacker, This toolkits designed to be stitched...