How it helps

Now you can safely sync your confidential files. SecretSync uses client-side encryption to give you absolute privacy and control over your data.
How you can use it

Secure synchronization

SecretSync is a great way to easily share proprietary, sensitive information using online synchronization utilities like Dropbox.

Offsite backup

Even if you’re not synchronizing, you can still use SecretSync to create an instant, secure, offsite backup. You can use it to backup financials, tax info, or any sensitive personal and business information you may have.
How it works

New! See the Getting started guide for more details.

We add an additional folder to your computer, a SecretSync folder. Anything that gets put in SecretSync is encrypted and then added to Dropbox to be synchronized to your other computers.

Before your files are synchronized by Dropbox to your other computers, they’re encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, using a key to which only you have access. The files are only decrypted on the other end — that is, on your other computers.

Your files are always encrypted when online. This means that before your files leave the computer you physically control and own, they’re encrypted. They stay encrypted while being synchronized, until they’re back in your physical control.

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