DefCamp. First Romanian conference dedicated to IT Security or as the organizers declare, in-security. A word that is very common those days with all the hacks and high data exposures that 2011 broth us.

During September 30th and 2nd of October in Bran, Brasov county. Full agenda here.

Mostly Romanian underground security specialists will attend but IT security specialist from different companies will also be present.

If grey-hat, black-hat, blue-hat or white-hat means more to you then fashion, you should join. There will be security workshops, forensic, cracking, hacking and beer contests (the last one I made it up). Another reason to join is helping this event to become the best running hacker conventions around Eastern Europe.

Official website: http://www.defcamp.ro/
Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DefCamp/116250668472724
And: http://www.worldit.info/proiecte/defcamp-2011-conferinta-de-securitate-informatica-in-romania/