Vulnerability Audit options;
– Test for weak password fast;
– Test for wear/user passwords;
– Wordlist option;
– Userlist option;

Range IP Address audit and more.

Now the good news, i made 2 versions. Windows & Linux. The linux version use the Mono Project, so i compiled mono version to run under Linux (BackTrack 5 – GNOME).

Here the instructions to install under linux:

[cc lang=”html”]1 – get
2 – tar -xzvf xsqlscan.tar.gz
3 – cd xsqlscan
4 – ./xsqlscanw
5 – The program will verify if you have Mono Core files. If you already have it, the application will launch
5.1 – If the Mono Core Files are not installed, Answer ‘yes’ to download the libs and mono core files
6 – Restart the application typing: ./xsqlscanw
7 – Enjoy[/cc]

Windows version: